Grant Committee

SWEP of Greater Philadelphia’s environmental Grant Program was established to help fund organizations or programs that creatively address a locally defined need to create, enhance, restore, or protect the natural environment or to provide environmental awareness through educational sessions. The Grant Committee solicits applicants, reviews applications, conducts interviews when necessary, and selects recipients to recommend to the Board of Directors for approval. Committee members are also responsible for following up with Grantees to ensure projects meet the original proposed scopes, budgets and deadlines, and that the other commitments of the Grantee are adhered to (e.g., monthly progress reports are submitted, a newsletter article is provided at the successful completion of the project, etc.).

Grants Co-Chairs:

Kelsey Gibbons Bergan and Sarah Silver Luksenberg, Esq.


Membership Committee

The membership committee works with various other committees to grow SWEP membership. It is responsible for welcoming new members via phone calls and membership breakfasts, and introducing the new members to the various activities, benefits, and committees of SWEP. The membership committee helps to answer any membership questions that may arise. SWEP’s membership committee also creates programs to attract new members such as “bring a friend” to SWEP luncheon events.

Membership Chair:

Amy Corr


Programs Committee

Technical programs aim to bring new, emerging environmental issues, regulations and technology to SWEP professionals. Expert panels share their knowledge and perspectives on a range of issues including global climate change, bioremediation, emerging contaminants, etc. SWEP typically organizes six breakfast or lunch programs each year held either at a Center City or suburban location.

Social/networking events bring professionals together to learn and share experiences in a friendly environment. The Stargazers vineyard and winery was the site of a recent event, combining networking, a tour of a solar home and a taste of the local wine. SWEP participants also experienced a hike and informational tour of the Schuylkill Nature Center.

Programs Committee Co-Chairs:

Ann Smith and Christina Ruble

Programs Committee


Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee promotes the mission of the SWEP by providing SWEP members the opportunity to volunteer for causes that are within SWEP’s mission. SWEP Board Members all support the Community Outreach Committee.

Please contact:


Public Relations/Social Media

The Public Relations Committee publicizes the organization’s benefits and resources, promotes upcoming programs via announcements and website updates. This committee also maintains social networking sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in).

PR Chair:

Kelsey Gibbons Bergan


Scholarship Committee

Each year, SWEP Greater Philadelphia awards scholarships to women studying to pursue environmental careers. SWEP presents these scholarships to outstanding young women as part of its mission to encourage and promote the leadership, achievement, and professional development of women in the environmental field. The Scholarship Committee solicits applicants, reviews applications, conducts interviews, and recommends recipients to the Board of Directors for approval.

Scholarship Co-Chairs:

Kelsey Gibbons Bergan, and Sarah Silver Luksenberg, Esq.