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About Us

Our membership is composed of a diverse and dynamic network of professionals who regularly come together to share their knowledge and work experiences and to promote the professional development and achievement of women in the environmental field. We strive to exceed the expectations of our members and to be an invaluable part of their professional development while serving an important role in the Philadelphia environmental community.

We invite you to browse through our site to learn more about SWEP of Greater Philadelphia and to make use of the professional resources provided within. If you are not yet a member, we hope that you will consider joining us and becoming an active member of our organization. If you are already a member, we are glad that you stopped by and we hope that you find this web site to be a useful resource.

SWEP of Greater Philadelphia 2020 Initiatives 

The SWEP of Greater Philadelphia’s Board of Directors (BOD), have collectively agreed to focus on 5 main points, and work together as a board and with SWEP volunteers, to further define and grow each initiative in 2020.

The focus points are:

  1. Technical programming - recruiting additional resources and member-volunteers to bolster this very active committee, develop quality of content and quantity of technical programming opportunities, and tie-in the benefit to our members in a clear manner.
  2. Fundraising tied to membership benefits - expand the fundraising role to extend beyond the timeframe of the Touchstone Awards and make it a year-long committee.
  3. Expand our groups’ diversity - increase focus on generational, cultural, racial, gender, orientation and abilities diversity.
  4. Develop processes and procedures for each SWEP committee - each committee will be creating their own ‘How To’ manual to clearly lay out the committee tasks and best practices.
  5. Govern ourselves clearly and by the established rules and regulations - continue to develop a working understanding of the established bylaws.

If you would like to learn more about SWEP of Greater Philadelphia’s 2020 initiatives or become further involved in the organization, please reach out to any of the BOD members or Executive Board.

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